Dear reader,

Fonte.news is a new media outlet founded in cooperation with like-minded visionaries the world over. Our mission is to provide a vision for a future society in which the human being and the environment surrounding us are valued above all else. Maintaining one’s peace of mind amid whatever turbulence may spring forth is the only way to overcome the chaos that is engulfing the world. The human being is the embodiment of a universal creative force and we have the opportunity to make a new and higher social order a reality.

Our name is derived from the Latin word for fountain, fons, of which fonte is the dative case. From one fountain, fons, to another, fonte, we seek to provide the tools necessary to build a new world. We advance information and news straight from the source, putting ideas into practice with the aim of creating a new life in harmony with the environment and other like-minded people. We reflect our inner light, warmth, goodness and love into the world.