Free Estonia Declaration


On December 22, 2020, Veiko Huuse will publish the Vaba Eesti (Free Estonia) Declaration on and invite all free people with a conscience to join the Vaba Eesti Alliance.

We also present the video and text of the Free Estonia Declaration.

Vaba Eesti (Free Estonia) Declaration

I am a Creator who was given the name of Veiko by my mother and father and I belong to the Huuse family. I hereby declare that I am a Creator-Man from the moment of my birth, for all time, to whom conscience, honour, dignity and justice has been granted as an unassailable right.

I am a creator of this world, in which every conscious person has total, boundless and unconditional freedom. A free person has freedom of expression and conviction, freedom of movement, freedom from fear and desire, is healthy, has freedom to think, speak and act, is sovereign and free of restrictions.

 I was born in the great land of my forefathers. The blood that flows through me carries our superlative heritage. My familial roots extend back for centuries.

I am free of restrictions and wish to strengthen our people. From today I call on my family and people to once again hold our head up high and reassert our sovereignty, uniting under the spirit of fraternity and kinship. This is our land and our world!

I am sovereign, I have the ultimate power to decide for myself—a right that was granted to me from birth.

I implore all society’s institutions to consider this declaration and to fully realise these rights and freedoms by propagating them through education and training.

I am creating a world without war and conflict. Those of us who have forged a connection with the Primary Source have attained the gift of advocating for the highest benefit of all living beings. With empathy and patience we can guide those who have strayed from the ethical life find their way back to a life of harmony with nature and people.

From today I am affirming myself as a custodian of the Earth and a steward of unassailable birth rights. I hereby nullify all power, both physical and non-physical, sought by other people, institutions and all such organizations to be exercised over me. I also invalidate personal power and sovereign rights assigned to other bodies, organisations and their leadership by dishonest means. I reclaim all previously ceded rights from these persons, agencies and organisations, whether or not they are familiar with the terms of this declaration.

I am a free Person of the Primary Source and no other body has the right to lay claim to and make use of my energy. I am conscious of my sovereignty and sovereign rights and hereby declare to the world my own personal sovereignty. I reclaim all my energies in their original form and forfeit all energies which are not mine and are in the service of others without my conscious permission.

Memorandum of the sovereign persons regarding the Creation of the Vaba Eesti Alliance

I, the Creator Veiko Huuse, announce the formation of an Estonian commune which is sovereign, self-sufficient and which values the people and nature of this land.

Such a way of life is to be based upon the honoring of all life, transparency in all societal processes and constructive cooperation. This will require recovering one’s energies from old, declining systems and redirecting them toward a new, values-based social organisation. A new social order can become more fully realized when technological advances no longer come at the expense of nature and of others, instead developing in harmony with all life.

The pillars of this new society are freedom, dignity and responsibility. A free person is aware that he/she is creative energy in material form. A free person abides by the rules of conscience and empathy and has developed a keen ability to see through falsehoods and untruths. A free person has taken full responsibility over his/her life and declines to lay blame for any misfortune at the feet of others.

I, Veiko Huuse, call on all people of conscience and free spirit to join the Vaba Eesti Alliance.

The sovereign people of the Vaba Eesti Alliance collaborates with alliances, communities and people of other nations without betraying the interests and values of Estonia.

December 18, 2020, Estonia

Vaba Eesti Manifest
Vaba Eesti Manifest
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