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My accompanying guest today is Veiko Huuse, a serial entrepreneur, owner of several global companies and a practical dreamer.

Veiko has come through fire and water, growing up during the Russian occupation without the comforts of a country home, which taught him discipline, diligence, perseverance and endurance. Throughout its history, its companies have been involved in many different fields, including: IT, advertising, transport, construction, industry and food retail and wholesale, and have established many different manufacturing companies. Traveled almost all over the world, lived and worked in several countries.

His most recent ventures are related to Stevia, a natural sugar substitute, and to Estonian and foreign inventors. The latter venture can be described by the phrase: innovation and technology for the benefit of all humankind.

This powerful man and creator is Veiko Huuse

Saide Loudspeaker
Accompanying guest: Veiko Huuse
Host: Erki Laansalu

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Our lives are the sum of our thoughts, environment, food and water. We all have a god to believe in; we are all creators, and we create life together. We always receive what we give others. When we share love and forgiveness, when we are honest with ourselves and others, our lives will be honest, happy and full of love. Share honesty, love, and forgiveness with others. Let's grateful!