Belgian court rules enforcing Covid vaccine pass is illegal

Belgian court rules enforcing Covid vaccine pass is illegal
A court in Belgium has ruled the use of a Covid pass is illegal (epa/Rex/

A court has ruled a Covid pass in a region of Belgium is unlawful and has fined the district more than £4,000 per day until it stops enforcing it. 

In the judgement, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) in Wallonia was called disproportionate and the court suggested it could breach European law, the Brussels Times reported. 

Since November, the CST has been mandatory in the Walloon Region and the whole of Belgium.

People who want to eat in a restaurant or go to the theatre must present a Covid pass, showing vaccination, a negative test, or recent recovery.

Non-profit organisation Notre bon droit (NBD) brought the summary proceedings against Wallonia after contesting the use of the Covid pass before its introduction.

NBD founder Isabelle Duchateau said: ‘The court has ruled in our favour by conceding that the CST does not respect the principle of proportionality.’

As well as the daily £4,258 (€5,000) fine, The Walloon Government was ordered to pay NBD’s court costs and will have to ‘rectify’ the situation pending a judgement on the CST’s benefits.

But the Walloon Region refused to annul the CST following the judgement and said it would appeal the court’s decision on Wednesday, according to the Brussels Times.

NBD previously got CST’s suspended for access to the European Parliament for people who objected to them. 

The organisation is also trying to get CST’s annulled in the Belgian capital Brussels, with a hearing set to be held on December 8.

Belgium further tightened its coronavirus restrictions last month, mandating wider use of masks and enforcing work from home, as cases spiked in the country’s fourth Covid-19 wave.

All people in indoor venues such as cafes and restaurants are required to wear a mask unless seated and the rule applies to those aged 10 or older.

The previous age threshold was 12. Most Belgians have to work from home four days a week until mid-December, and for three days after that.

Protest again the CST in Brussels. Source
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