The Rockefeller Foundation is the organization responsible for creating the WHO prototype.

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The Rockefeller Foundation is the organization responsible for creating the WHO (World Health Organization) prototype. It was originally called the International Department of Health. Anyone who has seriously studied world history knows that the Rockefellers are the driving force behind the Rothschilds. David Rockefeller’s book Memoirs acknowledges the conspiracy to create a new world order.
And here’s another proof that this “pandemic” was planned in advance. See also information about Estonia since 1989:…/EST/nomen/h5/product/902780
WHO document…/annua…/GPMB_annualreport_2019.pdf
page 10 states that the United Nations (+ WHO) is conducting at least two system-wide training and SIMULATION EXERCISES, one on the release of a deliberately released lethal respiratory pathogen (the second wave of which is due by September 2020).
This 2019 report states that 103 countries are currently participating in the simulation exercise.

On page 26, Heads of Government need to appoint a high-level national coordinator with leading authority and political responsibility for the attitudes of government and society as a whole in order to conduct multi-sectoral simulation exercises on a regular basis and maintain effective preparedness.
See also the World Economic Forum’s presentation on how COVID-19 has accelerated the implementation of Agenda 2030 and the New World Order, and the creation of technocratic superhumans / cyborgs to access and control our thoughts and emotions.
Everything is ready for this global reset: chips, digital currency, digital immunity passport, “corona detectives”, and so on. And that’s the real reason they need 5G.
Rockefeller – Lock Step, 2010
“Simulated global virus outbreak, required steps, different phases, overall schedule and expected results” – Rockefeller – Lock Step, 2010.
Their scenario was written for 2012, but a very large part of this scenario is actually evident right now, in 2020, and more and more people seem to be doing just that.
Read from page 17:…/Rockefeller%20Foundation.pdf
The key question now is whether globalists are opportunistically using the fears surrounding COVID-19 to promote top-down social control “lock-in” prescriptions that include travel with severe restrictions, perhaps replacing cash with sanitary electronic cash, compulsory vaccination, unlimited surveillance and restrictions on personal freedoms, bans on political protests, contact tracing, etc., to identify people who refuse to be tested and vaccinated?

One scenario is intriguingly titled “LOCK STEP: A World of Tighter Top-Down Government Control and Authoritarian Leadership, Limited Innovation, and Growing Citizen Resistance.”
According to the aforementioned Schwartz scenario:
„2012. The world was finally hit by a pandemic that had been planned for years. Unlike H1N1 in 2009, it was a new, extremely virulent and deadly strain of wild goose flu. Even the countries most prepared for a pandemic were quickly overwhelmed when the virus spread around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the world’s population and killing 8 million people in seven months.
The pandemic had a deadly impact on the economy: the international movement of people and goods came to a halt, straining tourism industries and shattering global supply chains. Even the local shops and office buildings stood empty for months, with no employees or customers …. ”
It all sounds somehow ghostly familiar right now.
But then the scenario becomes even more interesting:
“During the pandemic, leaders around the world increased their power and imposed certain rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to the control of body temperature at the entrances to public spaces such as train stations and shopping malls. After the pandemic, such authoritarian monitoring and control of citizens’ activities continued and even intensified. To protect themselves from increasingly global challenges such as pandemics, transnational terrorism, environmental crises and growing poverty, leaders around the world have held even harder. “

  • Create a highly contagious but ultra-low mortality virus to fit the design (SARS / HIV hybrid strains developed at Fort Detrick’s Class 4 Laboratory in 2008-2013 as part of a research project to find out why coronavirus spreads to bats but have extremely high difficult to infect people).
  • Create a more dangerous variant of the virus with a much higher mortality than a contingency plan ready to be released in Phase 3, but ONLY ON NEED (SARS / HIV / MERS, a more dangerous tribridal strain created in Fort Detrick’s Class 4 Laboratory in 2015).
  • Transport the test strain to another Class 4 laboratory (Winnipeg National Laboratory for Microbiology in Canada) and have it specifically smuggled to China (Shi Zhengli) and transferred to China’s only Class 4 laboratory (Wuhan Institute of Virology). (The primary scenario is that it is a natural virus, the back-up scenario is that China created it and accidentally released it.)
  • Prior to the planned release of the scientific virus strain, fund all speakers (Fauci, Birx, Tedros, etc.) and organizations (WHO, NIAID, CDC, UN, etc.) involved in responding to the pandemic to be monitored throughout the operation.
  • Create and fund a plan for the development and deployment of vaccines so that it can be implemented worldwide (Gates, “Decade of Vaccines: Global Action Plan for Vaccines, 2010-2020”).
  • Establish and fund vaccination verification and certification protocols (“Digital ID”) to implement the vaccination program after mandatory implementation (Gates, “ID2020”).
  • Simulate the “Lock Step” just before the release of the proposed study strain to determine the expected response, schedule, and results (Gates, Event 201, October 2019).
  • Unleash the scientific strain of the Wuhan Institute of Virology yourself and blame them for releasing the wild-type virus strain, as this is the desired baseline scenario (Wuhan Market, November 2019).
  • Allow the infection to spread for as long as possible so that scientific strains of the virus can spread on a global scale before any country can respond to prevent primary infection.
  • If the infection is present in the country, stop inbound and outbound travel, but keep the spread within the country for as long as possible.
  • If there are enough people infected in the country or region, introduce mandatory quarantine or isolation in the area and slowly expand the closure areas over time.
  • Increase mortality rates by linking the virus to deaths that have nothing to do with the actual virus to keep fear and control to a maximum.
  • The CDC’s official worldwide guidelines ( for determining the number of COVID-19-related deaths are as follows: All deaths with disease should be considered. caused or is likely to have caused death or may have contributed to death in some way. No confirmatory laboratory tests are required. To date, the CDC has confirmed (Table 3) that only 6% of those who were said to have died of a corona have actually died from a corona. Others were all older with an average of 2.6 other life-threatening illnesses.
  • Quarantine the public for as long as possible to destroy regional economies, cause unrest among the population, disrupt the supply chain and create mass food shortages, and weaken people’s immune systems due to lack of contact with other countries and the bacteria that keep our immune systems alert. and active).
  • Review and attack all possible “treatments”, such as Hydroxychloroquine with zinc, and continue the rhetoric that only a vaccine is viable to fight this virus.
  • Continue to extend the quarantine (at 2-week intervals), with more and more people finally stepping out and protesting.
  • End Phase 1 quarantine after sufficient public opposition has arisen (from 15 May to June 2020) and state publicly that you still think it is too early to end the isolation, but still intend to do so.
  • When the general public returns to normal life, wait a few weeks and then continue to exaggerate the viral mortality rate (around August-September 2020) and combine it with a higher-than-normal increase in mortality from normal diseases due to months of isolation, masking and disinfection. this will help to further increase the mortality rate and fix the forthcoming Phase 2.
  • Introduce Phase 2 quarantine (around October-November 2020) at an even more extreme level and accuse protesters (mostly people who no longer trust the government) of causing a worse wave 2 (“we told you it was too early … it is all your fault, because you had to go to the hairdresser …, your freedoms have consequences … ”).
  • Introduce a much more extreme level of Phase 2 quarantine, increasing penalties for non-compliant (replace fines with imprisonment), make ANY travel irrelevant, increase checkpoints (including military controls), increase population contact monitoring (mandatory applications), take control of food and gas (more that people have access to essential products and services only if they have a PRIMARY authorization.
  • Keep Phase 2 running for a much longer period of time, continuing to close countries and destroy the global economy, continue to worsen the supply chain and further increase food shortages, and so on.
  • Stop all public demonstrations by extremist actions or force, and name all those who do not obey as the No. 1 enemy of the public for those who agree to obey. He recognizes subordinates as mask bearers.
  • After a fairly long Phase 2 period (more than 6 months), launch a vaccination + vaccine certification program and make it compulsory for all (giving priority access to those who have had it from the beginning) and allow those who support vaccines to attack those who have against them, saying that they are the cause of all problems (“we cannot go back to normal life until everyone has been vaccinated …” “those people who do not obey endanger our lives and are therefore enemies”).
  • If most people obey the precepts, allow them to continue their lives in the new system (the ‘new normality’), while limiting the minority and their opportunities to go to school, work, travel and participate in public events.
  • If most people are not going to follow the instructions, release the much more dangerous SARS / HIV / MERS virus with a 30% mortality rate in Step 3. It should be enough for non-subordinates to feel fear and submit to the “new normality”. Use the phrase “we told you.”
  • Launch a new economic model and social credit system (Microsoft patent 060606 – cryptocurrency system) that monitors human behavior using food, water, housing and other vital tools to enforce the new economic system: “Basically do what we want and we will pay for it (collect credit or points and get more access to the things you need to survive) or do the opposite of what we want and you can be punished (you lose credit or points and access to the things you need to survive)

By then, the world has been so devastated that, in our view, two-thirds of the world’s population has disappeared from the planet as a result of vaccine deaths, violence, substance abuse, suicides, viruses and natural disasters.

Estonia 2017: 1.3 million people.

Forecast for 2025: – 25.4% or 932,320 people.

The deadline for this whole procedure is 31 March 2025.

Then there is no more cash, and people pay with a chip or their own face. Over the next 5 years, we will see a complete overhaul of the entire social system, and it will take place around the world. They say there is no country that can escape it. By pushing for a second wave of the virus, more and more countries are wanting to make masks mandatory. They confirm in advance that the second wave will definitely be much harder to deal with than the first wave, and that it will not go away! The second wave will use even stricter measures than the first wave, and not only will countries lock in again, but the movement and freedom of all people will be restricted even more than before. All this time, people think it’s temporary, but in reality, they plan to stick to it until all people have been vaccinated. They impose all restrictions “for our own safety” and do so gradually so that people get along better.

Those who see what is really going on can, of course, raise their voices and resist, but the only way we can escape global communism is if we raise enough other people. Because when they sleep, these masses draw us into it with their passivity.

“Protect your neighbors” is now being promoted. And basically with that, they want people to spy on their neighbors and betray them… Don’t we Estonians remember our own history here right now? “Protect your neighbors, keep an eye on them and let us know if they are not wearing a mask, keeping a social distance or vaccinating” What can you call such propaganda? Is all this really necessary “for such a dangerous virus that you need to take a test to find out if you have it or not. For such a dangerous virus that has not needed any biohazard bag for gloves and masks in half a year! ” WAKE UP!

The more people test, the more positive results come. But fruits, animals, motor oils, and tests that don’t even have a sample also give positive results. The tests only test RNA viruses and genetic material!

In the second wave, they will make testing mandatory, which will create more positive virus numbers until they get the “pandemic” big enough they need to carry out their next phase.
Their goal is to completely collapse the world economic system. According to their plan, it will only get worse. This is necessary so that all people are afraid and therefore agree to be vaccinated and chipped. Next comes the mandatory Covi-Pass (digital health passport), with which all people must prove that they are not infected. They are currently trying this in Africa, calling it a ‘Trust Pass’ to make sure a person is vaccinated so that they can go to school, work, public events and travel.
March 31, 2025 is the deadline for this entire procedure to be completed and the entire planetary system to be controlled by AI. After modifying our DNA through the Covid-19 vaccine, they also want to join us. A system is emerging where people become completely dependent on AI to perform their daily activities. Everywhere we go, what we do, talk and buy, we are logged into the system. Goodbye privacy.
Today’s politicians probably do not really understand, do not see a bigger picture of what they are actually doing and how each of their small decisions will contribute first to the creation of a European Union state and then to a single Global Government. They are simply being exploited – they are being told by the European Union what they have to do, and if they want money, they have to agree to it. Is this not a bribe to buy national independence?
2025 is the turning point from which there is no going back. One can only hope that enough people will open their eyes before that. In 2025, when the Internet becomes completely autonomous on its own and it controls everything itself, the whole world will change. Our dependence on the Internet and electronic means at that time is so great that, unfortunately, most people would agree with such a technocratic life at the present time, losing touch with their true nature, Nature.
If we do not change anything, here and now, the next five years will completely restructure our entire social system. We are at a turning point right now.
Also read “A coronavirus-like pandemic that will trigger police control.”

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